Mission of My Blog

This blog was created to offer reflection on my life as a university professor, to open a door into the compelling and difficult, yet ultimately inspiring task of educating the minds of young people, while also helping guide them as they continue forming their principles and values. As a professor of International Business, I care about global citizenry, cultural awareness, and engagement with the task of building a better world with opportunities for all. For me, these passions have been channeled into a focus on Clean Technology and general sustainability, the healthcare industry, Service-Learning, and business language pedagogy, all while infusing a multifaceted cultural perspective into these topics whenever applicable. The source of my curiosity revolves around how we can help facilitate the development of individuals who can take on the challenges in the global economy with a sense of duty, respect of others, and analytical depth.

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HCMBA Short-term study abroad trip to Sweden

HCMBA Short-term study abroad trip to Sweden. Article in OnlineMBA! http://t.co/FAvvrbDs

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