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Sweden & Clean Tech Resources

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Featured Companies

Featured Swedish companies are listed here Tweet

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CleanTech Resources

Swedish Business Culture Green in Scandinavia Business is Going Green CleanTech: The Global Competitive Landscape Incentivizing CleanTech Financing CleanTech Green Marketing Future of Green Tech Swedish Business Culture Business Communication Styles in Sweden. (2012). World Business Culture Swedes communicate well in international business situations, helped in no small measure by the generally high levels of …

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Sweden Consulting Abroad Projects

Spring 2013 Spring 2012 Spring 2011 Spring 2010 Spring 2013 Cellfab The project designed for the George Washington University MBA students by Cellfab had a market entry plan deliverable. More   DISWIC DISWIC engaged The George Washington University MBA students to create a market entry plan for the U.S. market, specifically focusing on opportunities in …

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CAP Student Feature

Matthew Williams MBA Energy Management 2012 GW School of Business As part of the GW International Residency Practicum instructed by Professor Helm, we had the unique opportunity to gain real-world international consulting experience with a clean tech start-up company in Sweden. This project was an ideal fit for me since I came to GWU with …

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