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CAP with ClimateWell in Spring 2010

Company Description

ClimateWell is the world’s leading manufacturer of solar powered Air Conditioners and heat pumps. The group is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. The products are powered with hot water from conventional solar thermal collectors and offer supreme energy efficiency and minimum operating costs.

Student Project Description

The purpose of the GWU MBA project was to establish a marketing plan for the U.S. launch of ClimateWell’s fuel cell powered systems. These fuel cell systems are highly specialized and perform of the following: generation of electricity, heating, air conditioning, residential water and pool heating. The fuel cells run on natural gas. The particular system that the students worked with was called GenSys Blue which is a 5 star micro climate cell. ClimateWell engaged GW MBA students to help them gain knowledge of the U.S. clean energy market. They also required information about customer needs and potential U.S. networks of collaborators. As a result, ClimateWell tasked the business school students with coming up with a U.S. entry strategy. Over the course of three months, the students conducted extensive research and developed a detailed strategy to meet ClimateWell’s needs. The students officially presented their strategy to the company’s executive team at the U.S. Embassy in Stockholm, Sweden.

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