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CAP with Cortus in Spring 2012

Company Description

Cortus AB provides cost-efficient and innovative renewable energy solutions to energy-intensive industries through its patented gasification technology, WoodRoll®. WoodRoll offers an alternative to fossil fuel by supplying affordable, clean and renewable Synthesis Gas generated from the gasification of biomass. In this way, Cortus aspires to mitigate the environmental issues that could occur in the future if carbon emissions are not controlled. Carbon emissions are the leading cause of global warming and climate change and a primary source of carbon emissions are fossil fuels. With WoodRoll, Cortus will help prevent the release of millions of tons of carbon into the atmosphere while providing customers with millions of dollars in cost savings through the circumvention of emissions permits.

Student Project Description

The project designed by Cortus for George Washington University MBA students consisted of mapping the U.S. biogas industry in order to identify potential target markets for Cortus’ North American launch of its patented WoodRoll technology. Over the course of three months, the students conducted extensive primary and secondary research to determine the optimal U.S. market segments for Cortus. Specifically, the students provided Cortus with information on customer needs, sales channels, industry networks and in-country partners. Specific deliverables provided by the GW MBA students to Cortus included an SWOT (Strengths-Weaknesses-Opportunities-Threats) analysis for U.S. market entry and a complex market attractiveness model that weighed and compared different strategic criteria on a state-by-state basis to streamline the market-entry selection process. At the end of the semester, the students traveled to Sweden where they were able to fine-tune their understanding of Swedish cleantech businesses and ensure that their strategy was aligned with Swedish business practices. As the culmination of the project, the students had the opportunity to present the highlights of their U.S. market entry strategy to the CEO and Vice-Presidents of Cortus at the U.S. Embassy in Stockholm, Sweden.

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