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CAP with DISWIC in Spring 2013

Company Description

DISWIC, a Stockholm based company, has a patented technology, based on the creation of ions and electromagnetic fields, where frequency geared, low current-impulses destroy existing microorganisms and contaminants in liquids. The accompanying filter technology is unique as the magnetic flux keeps the activated carbon continuously active for 5 years. The DISWIC vision is to contribute to a healthier and better environment by eliminating or heavily reducing the use of chemicals in the purification of liquids.

Student Project Description

DISWIC engaged The George Washington University MBA students to create a market entry plan for the U.S. market, specifically focusing on opportunities in pool and industrial water purification, as well as elimination of pharmaceutical remnants in drinking water. The MBA students did a thorough market analysis of this market segment as well as other segments, identifying company strengths and weaknesses in each sector and working with the client to narrow down the scope of the market entry in order to produce a more targeted and effective strategic plan. This technically robust project flaunted in-depth research, both primary and secondary, and required the students to delve deeply into water purification technology while still managing the project at a macro level with regard to market entry and differing strategies between Sweden and the U.S.. The students presented their findings and their strategy to the company CEO in Stockholm, Sweden, and were able to deliver a very detailed report to him including market assessments, the proposed strategy, as well as a number of suggestions outside of the market entry plan to assist the CEO with future company growth efforts.

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