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CAP with Firefly in Spring 2013

Company Description

Swedish Firefly is a world leader in spark detection and fire/dust explosion protection systems. Firefly develops, manufactures, and sells high-tech systems, which detect and minimize the risk of fires and dust explosions. The company was founded in 1973 and has 40 years of experience in supplying systems for the leading process industries, with a range of patented components and functions. The Firefly detector is the only detector on the market with a lead sulphide (PbS) cell in the range of detecting true infrared (IR) heat and black hot particles with temperatures as low as 250° C.

Student Project Description

The project designed by Firefly for The George Washington University’s global MBA students encompassed a market growth strategy for Firefly in the North American market. The students performed an extensive analysis of the operating environment within the United States and identified a number of large market segments where Firefly would be able to gain a foothold. By using comparisons between Swedish and American markets, and leveraging strengths of the company while minimizing identified weaknesses, the students were able to identify three strategies for Firefly moving forward, including a targeted market segment, a specific market entry strategy with strategic partners based on risks assessed, as well as additional marketing tactics to gain a larger footprint in the U.S. The students were able to present their findings in front of the North American leadership team from Firefly and deliver to them a comprehensive report of the market and recommended paths forward in Stockholm, Sweden.

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