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CAP with Hexicon in Spring 2013

Company Description

Hexicon is a Swedish design and engineering company developing floating platforms for offshore wind energy production. Hexicon offers energy companies and developers around the world an efficient, flexible, and profitable way to manage and utilize the power of offshore wind. The Hexicon platform enables wind energy production in areas with significant water depths and less than ideal soil conditions.

Student Project Description

Hexicon commissioned The George Washington University Global MBA students to develop a market entry plan for the U.S. market. The students performed in-depth market and environmental analysis within the U.S., leveraging Hexicon’s past performance within Sweden and with other international ventures. This required significant research and understanding of the political and legal environment related to offshore wind energy, which differs considerably by location in the U.S.. Developing a close working relationship with the client, the students were able to tailor their project very specifically to the research that would be the most impactful to the company’s expansion strategy, and were able to deliver a thorough and detailed analysis to the Hexicon leadership team including the optimal geographic region for Hexicon’s initial market entry as well as a recommended entry method, including the best partnering options for the company. The student team was able to present their market entry strategy and supporting analysis to the Hexicon leadership team in Stockholm, Sweden and deliver their extremely detailed and well-researched 40-page report to the Hexicon team for use during future expansion efforts.

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