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CAP with IB Cleaning in Spring 2010

Company Description

IB Cleaning is a Swedish company that specializes in environmentally friendly blasting using dry ice. The company is based in Scandinavia, but also has a sales office in Dubai where they market automated blasting and machinery. In 2008, IB Cleaning partnered with the Robot Valley in Sweden to develop a tool for Automated Cleaning by Dry Ice. The Robot Valley is an innovative Swedish network supporting the development of robotics and automation for the industrial, logistics and healthcare sectors. The project was entitled “IBA 2009” (Ice Blasting Automotive). IBA 2009 is a tool that performs mobile cleaning of containers (primarily for food) using dry ice and industrial robotics. The product itself is based on existing technologies in ice blasting, dry ice manufacturing, high pressure air and robotics. In a protective shell in the form of a container, these parts are interconnected and thus provide the operator a flexible, efficient and mobile system for cleaning.

Student Project Description

IB Cleaning partnered with GWU MBA students to obtain strategic guidance on the U.S. launch of their technology. In particular, they tasked the students with developing a market entry strategy. This strategy consisted of a number of specific research and analytical roles, including: a detailed overview of the shipping market in the U.S., laws and regulations regarding cleaning and use of water, labor costs for workers, cleaning processes of food containers and costs, chemical use for cleaning, use of Dry Ice in ports as a cleaning material, major ports and the “turnovers” of containers in the port, automation and logistic chain in port, feedback from ports regarding Automation of cleaning of containers. Over the course of the semester, the students conducted extensive primary and secondary research to meet the information needs of the client. At the end of the project, the students travelled abroad and had the opportunity to present their findings to the client directly.

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