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CAP with Stamo Maskin in Spring 2012

Company Description

Founded in 1949 in Västerås, Sweden, Stamo Maskin AB (Stamo) is a leader in the field of industrial mixing and agitation equipment. The company boasts of 60 years of knowledge and experience within the agitator industry. The company develops, designs, manufactures, and markets custom-made mixers for use in a variety of industries. Stamo has established a presence in most segments of the chemical, pulp & paper, wastewater treatment, resins, mining/mineral, food and pharmaceutical industries. Stamo offers quality of service and a diverse client base spanning many industries including environmental engineers, biological waste plants, and wastewater facilities.  Stamo’s customers are located all over the world. Stamo takes pride in its unique technology, high quality and focus on serving customers. One of the ways Stamo serves its customers is by diagnosing their agitator needs through a data-driven evaluation process. Stamo guarantees the proper functioning all of its agitators.

Student Project Description

The project designed by Stamo Maskin AB for the George Washington University MBA students consisted of analyzing the U.S. biogas industry in order to determine the optimal target market for Stamo’s customized agitator products. Stamo tasked the students with conducting primary and secondary research such as identifying states where biogas plants were being developed and listing potential competitors and collaborators. Being able to identify U.S. partners was an important priority for Stamo. Unfamiliar with the U.S. legal environment, Stamo also needed the GW students to research the rules and regulations surrounding mixers and agitators operating in the biomass sector. The project culminated with the hand delivery of a forty page market-entry strategy and marketing plan, and a presentation to the vice-presidents at the Embassy of the United States in Stockholm.

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