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CAP with Swebo Bioenergy in Spring 2010

Company Description

SWEBO BioTherm is a combustor that extracts energy from horse droppings, something that was not previously possible in an environmentally sound way. Swebo Biotherm is a boiler system for high moisture and low energy value fuels. It is designed and produced in Sweden to attract customers from the equestrian, poultry and meat processing industries. The horse droppings and other material from horse stalls is mixed and burned in combustors like any ordinary biofuel – at a moisture content of up to 50%. Swebo is presently active in North America, the Nordic countries and has plans to expand further into the European market.

Student Project Description

Swebo engaged GWU business school students to conduct an analysis of the U.S. market with a focus on what they perceived to be the target market: equestrian, poultry and slaughterhouses. Swebo sought guidance from the students on the best way to enter the U.S. market and then reach customers in their target segments. As such, the students conducted extensive primary and secondary research over the course of three months. They collected information on the political, legal, and competitive environment and tips on how to best to find and communicate with potential end-customers. The final product, a marketing plan of more than 40 pages, was delivered to I-Tech’s executive management team during a formal consulting presentation. The presentation took place at the U.S. Embassy in Stockholm as part of the students’ two-week CleanTech study tour through Sweden.

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