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CAP with WFS in Spring 2013

Company Description

WFS is a new Swedish company conceptualized by a team of experienced entrepreneurs and industrialists. It develops and produces marina fuel stations, which set new world standards for safe fuel storage. The fuel stations are designed to endure the particular conditions associated with storing and dispensing biofuels. The WSFF facilities provide biofuel and traditional fuel while simultaneously increasing safety, reliability, and advertising media potential.

Student Project Description

The project that WFS designed for The George Washington University Global MBA students involved significant market entry research for marina fuel stations in the United States. Initially, this project had a specific target area, but through extensive and detailed market research on biofuels and geographically-affected rules and regulations, the students identified multiple market entry opportunities that had not been previously considered by the client. A key component of this project was the student analysis of the environmental and operational differences between Sweden and the U.S. with respect to legislation impacting alternative fuel sources and consumer acceptance. The research done by the students helped support three potential market entry strategies which were presented to the company founder and CEO in Stockholm, Sweden and bolstered by a 43-page qualitative and quantitative market analysis.

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