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CAP with Zpecta in Spring 2011

Company Description

Zpecta, founded in 2009, is a lighting company with design, construction, and production operations 25 kilometers North of Stockholm, Sweden. Zpecta manufactures and markets environmentally-friendly LED lighting solutions, including its unique Capella system. The advantages offered by Zpecta’s Capella lighting system include easy installation, a long useful-life (70,000 hours of lighting, or roughly 15 years), and limited maintenance requirements. Capella uses the latest LED technology, thereby offering its customers the most energy-efficient and cost-effective lighting system on the market. The Capella system not only minimizes energy consumption, it also outperforms existing lighting systems on the market. Zpecta’s mission is to offer tomorrow’s lighting today.

Student Project Description

Zpecta engaged GW MBA students to survey the U.S. lighting market to determine the market entry and marketing needs associated with launching their Capella lighting system in the United States. The survey that the students designed provided valuable market research on customer awareness of cleantech lighting options. In addition to the survey, Zpecta requested that the students research market trends, buyer behavior, competitors, pricing, and regulations within the lighting sector as these details would be critical for the successfully introduction of Capella to customers in the United States. Zpecta was particularly interested to know how to position Capella to large national and regional retailers where lighting needs would be high. The project culminated with the students presenting their findings, as well as actionable suggestions, on how Zpecta can enter the United States and where to market its Capella system. The final presentation was held at the U.S. Embassy in Stockholm, Sweden.

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