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CAP with Cellfab in Spring 2013

Company Description

CELLFAB has developed a new cell reinforcement product with applications primarily in the construction business. Cell reinforcement is a new, unique process that can be used within a range of different application areas, such as concrete, asphalt and other materials. The geometric, patented design structure of CELLFAB’s cell reinforcement creates unique technical advantages compared to the reinforcement that is typically applied today. CELLFAB has its sales office in Stockholm and Research and Development center located in northern Sweden.

Student Project Description

The project designed for the George Washington University MBA students by Cellfab had a market entry plan deliverable. In order to develop this market entry plan, the GW MBA team focused on the U.S. construction market, the steel and rebar industry, as well as doing a thorough analysis of the business environment. During this research stage, the students identified and analyzed the differences between the Swedish and American markets for this emerging technology, outlining the strengths and weaknesses of each and suggesting opportunities within the U.S. for expansion. As a result of this detailed and well-developed research, the students were able to develop specific time-staged entry strategies and identify key strategic partners and ideal entry locations. Through an intense iterative process in close communications with their client, the students presented an overview of their strategy and delivered a 45-page final plan to Cellfab leadership in Stockholm, Sweden.

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