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Testimonial by Deepika Sheth

About Deepika Sheth

Program/concentration and graduation year at GWU: MBA 2009

Current Affiliation and Title: American Airlines, Senior Analyst in Revenue Management

Deepika’s Testimonial about Dr. Helm

I am a former MBA student of hers and studied International Marketing (IBUS 266) with her for one semester.

Innovative Ideas and Tools: Professor Helm uses innovative ideas to integrate studies in the classroom with real life experience.  She does this by incorporating learnings from case studies, videos, actual projects overseas and international travel.  In fact, she was the only professor to record our interim and final presentations so that we could critique our own performance.  Professor Helm shows tremendous desire to not only share her knowledge with students, but also provide the tools necessary to be successful.  For example, she scheduled a hands-on training session with a librarian, and also setup the means to communicate with our clients in Russia.

International Projects: I worked in a team of four, including both full-time and part-time students, and together, we designed a marketing plan for a new housing community in eastern Russia.  It was an incredibly gratifying experience because we interacted directly with the CEO-entrepreneur and consultant on the project.

Experienced Marketer and Strategist: She has a personal interest in sustainable and green marketing topics; an interest in perfect alignment with GW’s philosophy.  Furthermore, her cross-cultural perspectives allow for a much more dynamic and rigorous academic experience.  Finally, she is both a marketer and strategist.

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