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Testimonial by Jay Feinstein

About Jay Feinstein

Program/concentration and graduation year at GWU: AMBA 2009

Current Affiliation and Title: National Director, Physician Development for Tenet Healthcare Corp.

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Jay’s Testimonial about Dr. Helm

When researching a business school, I chose GW for its strong reputation for International Business. Dr. Helm embodies what makes GW’s IBUS program so strong.

As an MBA student in her International Marketing course (IBUS 266), I was amazed by her ability to bring the subject matter to life. Lectures were supported with real examples from all over the globe. These examples took the form of web sites, video clips, case studies, and other types of media. Additionally, class participation was not only encouraged, but expected. I had never been in a class where students were begging to contribute as they did in hers.

The icing on the cake is her network of global contacts. We were expected to conduct a marketing management module. Students were able to choose from a menu of real-life projects for clients all over the world. I was able to work with a company trying to penetrate the natural gas market in Russia. My group and I conducted weekly meetings, via Skype, with the two principles (based in Singapore and Idaho). This project tied the entire course together and I learned a great deal from Dr. Helm’s feedback. GW and Dr. Helm provided us with the unique opportunity to prepare a market entry strategy for a company across the globe!

I know that it must be difficult to teach an IBUScourse without ever leaving the classroom, but Dr. Helm does it with the best! She certainly offered out of class opportunities- expert panels, etc., but her ability to engage every student is what makes her so impactful. I’m so impressed with her that I’m trying to finagle my way into her sustainability and green marketing course, even though I graduated in August.

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